Shipping and Returns

Shipping Costs
Free shipping on orders over €39. On orders under €39, we will charge a fee based on the following table. Posters up to 18×24 inches or up to 50X70 CM these prices will be applied. For all other products and items more than 1KG, a 15% additional fee will be added to the standard shipping prices.

First product €5.40 €5.10 €9.49 €5.45 €7.25 €9.49
Additional product €0.40 €0.25 €0.25 €0.25 €0.25 €0.25

Delivery Time
The delivery time is 3-9 working days.


You can track your parcel all the way from our office to your house.
Search for your package with your tracking number here:

Shipping procedure
Orders including only 13×18 cm posters and A4 posters are shipped by the local postal service and will be delivered in your mailbox.

Orders including frames or posters sized 30×40 cm or over are shipped by DB Schenker to ensure high quality, fast deliveries, with perfect tracking of your package all the way to your doorstep.

  1. The package will initially be delivered to your door where you have to sign to receive the parcel.
  2. If the delivery attempt to your door fails, the package will be delivered to your neighbor who can sign for it and you will receive a drop card. The drop card is put in your mailbox so you will know that your neighbor has your package.
  3. If the delivery attempt to your neighbor also fails, the package will be dropped off at the closest post office. You will get a drop card in your mailbox notifying you where your package is awaiting pick up.
  4. You have 16 days to pick up the package, after that time the package will be sent back to Pixeep.

Order damaged upon arrival
If you received a product that was damaged upon arrival or faulty in any other way email our Customer service at as soon as possible with pictures of the product/packaging. We strive to have 100% happy customers and will make sure to help you quickly whilst correcting any errors. The returning cost will be your responsibility.

What happens if I do not collect my parcel?
For goods that are returned to us because the customer has not collected the goods, we charge a fee of €35 to cover our packaging fee and costs of return shipping.